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Mobile Debit and Credit On Your Smartphone

Zomaron Pay

The Ingenico iCMP Mobile Terminal is Available through Zomaron

Turn your smartphone into a fast, safe and flexible debit and credit terminal with the Ingenico iCMP and Converge Mobile.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Payments
  • Accept Payments Your Way
  • Online, In-Store and On the Go
  • Debit TAP enabled
  • CHIP and PIN when your customers need it

iCMP mobile payments

Now you can take payments anywhere your business takes you without sacrificing security. Converge Mobile is ideal for retail, restaurant and service businesses of any size whether you need payments on the go or as an extra checkout option at busy times. Great for in-home service companies, contractors, mall kiosks, flea markets and trade shows.

What Is Converge Mobile?

Converge Mobile is a next‐generation mobile payments application offering merchants a portable and secure way to accept payments on-the-go. Merchants must have a Converge account to process payments using the Converge Mobile app. Merchants use the Converge Mobile app, which is available in the Google Play store or Apple App store to ring up the transaction. They’ll use their bluetooth paired iCMP device to accept the payment and they can choose to purchase a printer or email their customers the transaction receipt.

The Secure Way to Pay

Payment card data is immediately encrypted when using the Ingenico iCMP. This data is processed by and stored within secured firewalls, servers and data centers that make up the Converge payment platform. No payment information is stored on or accessible through the mobile app or on the mobile device. So in the event the mobile device or iCMP is lost or stolen, no payment information will be compromised. In addition, the app is passcode protected to prevent unauthorized access. You can also activate and deactivate access to the app for your employees by going into the user settings in your Converge account.

Never Miss a Sale with Converge Mobile
Connection Options – All Transactions Available

Interac Debit Visa Mastercard

Accepts Mag Stripe, Chip & Pin, NFC, TAP for all sale, refund and void transactions

For Use With Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

What’s Next? Order Yours Today

The Ingenico iCMP is available to purchase or rent with a Converge account. Don’t get locked into high flat rate and transaction fees with your bank’s payment processor. A Converge Mobile account through Zomaron offers merchants the best processing fees and next day deposits. For merchants in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and surrounding GTA areas, contact your local expert, Andy Coats at SMB Strategies, to get signed up right away. Email info@smbstrategies or call 289-659-6804.

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