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Simplify Your Business Today with talech POS for iPad

talech is a simple and powerful tablet based point of sales system for retail, restaurants and bars


Join more than one million businesses worldwide who have chosen our innovative payment solutions

Simple & Powerful…

For Restaurants:
Customize your menu with modifiers, apply discounts, split checks and adjust tips with just a few taps.
With table layout, you can setup up a floor plan with multiple rooms, view your open and seated tables, start orders, and assign tables. Even accommodate larger parties by joining several tables together.
Your orders sync automatically between devices so you can start an order on one iPad and close it on another.

For Retail:

Simplify your operations without sacrificing speed. Create orders, apply discounts, manage inventory, create a customer database, and view reports in just a few taps. Barcodes – Print. Scan. Done. Speed up customer check out when you scan items in register mode. Save time adding items directly to inventory by scanning existing barcodes. Print labels in different sizes using any printer.

Payment Terminal Integration

Best of all, talech POS is available as an integrated payment solution – your Ingenico ICT250 payment pinpad connects to talech over the network. No more manual entry of sale amounts into your terminal. For credit and Interac debit transactions,  the talech POS sale amount is transmitted automatically to your terminal ready for the customer to pay – TAP, NFC, Chip & Pin or Apple Pay.

Savings on Processing Fees  – VISA, Mastercard, Amex – Lower Rates

With an integrated solution from our MSP Channel Partner, you can expect to see lower credit and debit processing fees compared to the banks and an increase in net profit margin using our enhanced cost plus pricing model. Contact us below to find out more and start saving right away.

Rich Analytics and Insights

Drive higher sales and reduce costs by understanding your business better. Get insights on sales trends, topselling products, customer spend and much more. Get detailed reports on sales trends, top-selling items, top employees and customer spend

Anytime, Anywhere

Stay connected and manage your business in real-time at home, on the road, or relaxing on the beach

Safe & Secure

Protect your customers and your business with the latest EMV, NFC and Apple Pay™ technologies

Get started today with your talech kit

Email us at and find out how simple it is to get talech – In Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and the GTA call Andy at SMB Strategies 289-659-6804 to book an appointment with your local expert.

Kit: iPad Tablet All In One Unit, Integrated ICT250 Pin Pad for Payments (Credit/Debit)

Hardware and Peripherals: Receipt Printers, Kitchen Printers, iPad Tablet, iPad Stand, Bar Code Scanner, Cash Drawer. The talech app works with the iPad, generation two or newer, iPad Pro and iPad mini models. When choosing your iPad model, the memory size is not a concern but we do recommend choosing a model with the combination of Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities

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